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Sightseeing Manners at the Festivals

Linda who lives in Japan is taking Ben sightseeing around the festival.

Ben “So many food stands are out and is in a very festive mood.”

Linda “There are many festivals all over Japan from the summer to autumn seasons.”

Linda “When I come to the festival, I can feel everyone’s enthusiasm … and … I like that.”

Things to be careful at the festival


Ben “Hey Linda! Are there any manners on how to hang out at the festivals?”

Linda “At the festival there are many people, so if you rent a bicycle,
    you should avoid riding it in a crowd. If you must, then you should get off
    your bicycle and walk it at the festival.”

Linda “Also, if you try to go the festival carrying your big carry bag, or pulling your suitcase,
   it can hit people’s feet and can be dangerous so try to avoid taking a carry bag or
   a luggage to the festival as much as possible.”

Ben “Are there anything you should take with you to the festival?”
Linda “Well, for summer festival, it is better to take an ‘uchiwa’ with you since it’s very hot
    with a lot of people. But sometimes they are passing out free ‘uchiwa’ on the street
    along the stores. In that case, you should try to get a free ‘uchiwa’ right away.”

Ben “How about the restrooms? Is it better to go to the restroom before going to the festivals?”
Linda “Big festivals which are held at the park or along the riverbank,
    have provide many portable toilets. So, you can use them there.”

Different types of food stands

Ben “…There are many food stands out… What’s that?”
Linda “It’s called ‘Takoyaki’. Pieces of cooked octopus are inside the dough and grilled.
    They are round which is the characteristic of ‘takoyaki’.
    They are delicious, but sometimes very hot so be careful eating them.”

Ben “What’s that?”
Linda “It’s a shaved ice. It’s called ‘Kakigouri’. It may be that shaved ice in Japan may have
    a larger variety than any other country in the world. Like… strawberry flavor,
    melon flavor, lemon flavor, blue Hawaiian, soda flavor, and even green flavor … etc.
    It looks like a soft pile of snow … which is the main feature of ‘Kakigouri’ .”
Ben “I think I’ll get one. How do I buy it?”

Linda “Well, there are many people lining up at the food stands at the festivals,
    so if you take out 10,000yen bill, they are not happy. If you pay with 1,000yen bills,
    you shouldn’t have any problems.

Linda “If you have small change, that would be the best.”

Ben “Can I have one lemon flavored shaved ice, please?”
Guy at the Stand “OK.”

Guy at the Stand “Here you go.”
Ben “It looks delicious.”

Ben “Hey, what’s that?”
Linda “It’s called ‘Okonomiyaki’. It’s made with flour, meat, chopped cabbage,
    small shrimps, baked egg and is cooked on a teppan grill. This food is
    always at the festivals. I think I’ll buy one.”

Ben “That one I know. It’s Yakisoba!”
Linda “Yeah. Noodles are stir fried with Japanese sauce. It has a savory smell and it’s delicious.”

Guy at the Food Stand “It’s exactly 500 yen.”
Ben “Thanks.”


Ben “What’s that long stuff ?”

Linda “It’s a snack sold especially in Shizuoka prefecture. It’s colored in pastel pink
    and is a long stick shape which is a characteristic of this snack.
    On the surface, it’s sprinkled with melted sugar. It’s sweet and good.
    At the festivals in Japan, sometimes there are things like this ‘Sakurabo’ snack
    which are only sold in that particular regional area at these food stands.
    So trying to find these unique food stands at the festival is one way of
    enjoying the festival.”

Ben “OK. Then...I’m going to get one.”

Ben “Got it!”

Linda “How do you like it?”

Ben “It’s crunchy and sweet. I think I kind a like it.”

Ben “Festival in Japan is really fun.”
Linda “Yeah.”
Ben “So, what’s this place?”
Linda “This place is where today’s major event will be held. It’s where fireworks will take place.”

Ben “Why aren’t there any people here?”
Linda “I think we got here too early.”
Ben “Oh yeah?! That’s not funny.”