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  • Goods sold at 100 yen shops are useful for traveling vol1

 Goods sold at 100 yen shops are useful for traveling vol.1

Aaron and Sam are traveling around Japan. Aaron seems to be looking for something and is walking fast.
Aaron: Sam, there is a place I definitely want to visit. The place sells many convenient things.
Sam: Where is it?

Aaron: I will look at the map.
Sam: We are here now.

Aaron: I found it! That's the place!
Sam: Is that it?

 Aaron wanted to visit a 100 yen shop.

Most 100 yen shops are conveniently located in shopping areas or near stations. They sell a broad variety of goods, including food, daily necessities and travel goods. As the name suggests, most goods are sold for 100 yen (excluding tax).

Aaron: Last night, I did an Internet search on 100 yen shops and found that they sell useful travel goods cheaply.
Sam: Do they? I can't wait to see.

Aaron and Sam bought several items at a 100 yen shop. Then, they took a bus to their hotel.

Sam: There were many interesting things at the 100 yen shop. I bought wet tissue paper, compression bags, an eye mask, earplugs and much more. What did you buy, Aaron?
Aaron: I bought many things too.


Aaron: Tada! The first one is this.
Sam: Is this a stapler?

Aaron: No, you put a battery in this…

Aaron: You slide it along the opening of a snack pouch, and the opening…

Sam: Oh! It's closing!
Aaron: Yes. This is a handy sealer. You can use this for snack and other food pouches.

Aaron: Speaking of food pouches, this one is also useful.
Sam: What is it? It looks like a Japanese snack.

Aaron: If you take it out of the package and open it, it will look like this.
Sam: ?

Aaron: With these two sticks, you can close pouches.

Sam: Hmm. It's a convenient clip.

Aaron: The next one is this tool.
Sam: What is it? Is it a brush?

Aaron: Yes, this is a kind of brush.

Sam: How do you use it?
Aaron: You put this tool…

Aaron: On a dusty surface and then you just move it on the surface. The brushes inside rotate and pick up the dust. This tool doesn't require batteries and is convenient for cleaning small areas.

Aaron: The next one is this.
Sam: This must be a hanger.

Aaron: Yes, it is a hanger, but it is special. If you pull it out sideways…
Sam: Oh! It got longer!

Aaron: Yes. With the longer hanger, you can hang a towel without folding it.
Sam: Oh! It's great.

Aaron: There is another kind of hanger.
Sam: Does this also…?

Aaron: Yes, this one also gets longer.
Sam: What shall we hang on this hanger?

Aaron: This hanger is convenient for coats, jumpers and other outerwear.
Sam: I see.