The Proper Technique for Bowing

Differences in the angle of making a bow  

Taking a Japanese Bath

Rules to observe when taking a bath.

Visiting a Home

Let's avoid making rude mistakes  when visiting a Japanese home.

Phrases Before and After a Meal

Before eating a meal, you should express appreciation by saying, "Itadakimasu.

Using Chopsticks

Let's hold and use chopsticks this way.

Worshipping at a Shinto Shrine

There are various traditional customs associated with visiting a shrine.

Sleeping on Futon

Let's avoid mistakes between the mattress and comforter.

Wearing a Cotton Kimono (Yukata)

The yukata, or cotton kimono, also has the proper way of being worn.

Let' Take Pictures of Mt.Fuji


Manners and Tips when Wearing aKimono


Sightseeing Manners at the Festivals


Manners when Sightseeing at Cultural Facilities


HOW to Use "Kaishi" (Paper Washi)


Goods sold at 100 yen shops are useful for traveling