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Let's Take Pictures of Mt. Fuji

Mt. Fuji, which is in active volcano that sits on the border of Shizuoka Prefecture and Yamanashi Prefecture, is the highest mountain in Japan.
The beautiful snow-capped peak of Mt. Fuji has been a favorite subject portrayed in many ukiyo-e woodblock prints dating as far back as the Edo era.

In June of 2013, Mt. Fuji finally was added to the UNESCO list of cultural World Heritage sites.

Mario: Hmm. I wonder what you guys are trying to take a picture of ?

Jessica: Oh. Well, we are trying to take a picture of Mt. Fuji, which you can see over there.
Tila: I hear that there is a pine grove called Miho-no-Matsubara near here that is registered
   as a World Heritage cultural site along with Mt. Fuji. But I've become a little disoriented.

Mario : Well, in that case, come with me.

Mario : This is the place you guys are looking for, right?

Jessica: Yes. This is it! The pine grove is just as beautiful as we had hoped, especially with  Mt. Fuji towering high above. It's spectacular!

Tila: This is just the perfect spot that we were looking for!

Mario : Hold on just a minute there.

Jessica & Tila: Yes?

Mario : How would you like me to give you some advice on an even more spectacular view of
    Mt. Fuji?
Jessica & Tila: Yes, please. Absolutely!

Mario : Step I: First, you need to find out about the weather. This is one of the basics of taking
    a good shot. Even from this spectacular viewpoint, Mt. Fuji will be hidden from view
    if the skies are overcast. Even photographers or videographers who publish on the
    Internet or broadcast their material on TV will always pay close attention to the
    weather first before venturing out to do a shooting.

Mario : Step II: Make a close observation of numerous photos.
    After doing so, you'll find something valuable that you can take away from your
    observations. Then, try to imitate the shots you liked most.
    That will help open the door to access your own innate talents.

Mario : Step III: Imagine in your mind's eye the kind of image you want to create.
    Imagine the end result of your shot before taking it! Therefore, it's important to
    creative an imaginative way of thinking.
    Digging deep into the depths of your imaginative self will sometimes result in the
    birth of a most impressive photograph.

Mario : Step IV: Determine your viewpoint. If you observe the same scenery through your lens
    but at a different angle, you can present a different landscape. Additionally,
    even within just one day from sunrise to sunset, you can capture Mt. Fuji with a wide
    variety of vistas.

Mario : Step V: Be aware of your natural surroundings.  
    Figuratively speaking, kneel down in respect of the majestic, beautiful earth in
    heart and mind. If you venture forward into nature with sincerity, you are surely
    will be bestowed with something that will prove to be practical advice or
    inspiration for your photography.

Mario : Step VI: Observe the art of Bushido. Regard every encounter that crosses your
    path as a unique opportunity of a lifetime. Whatever you do, approach what you
    do with humility, compassion, and be solemn and thoughtful in your manner.

Jessica & Tila: Got it!

Let's Take Pictures of Mt. Fuji!!

Wonderful photos of Mt. Fuji taken from superb angles and perspectives can be enjoyed at this website .
(in Japanese only)