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  • Goods sold at 100 yen shops are useful for traveling vol2

 Goods sold at 100 yen shops are useful for traveling vol.2


Aaron: The next one is this.
Sam: This thing has a carabiner. What do you use it for?

Aaron: This.
Sam: Plastic bottle?

Aaron: This is a plastic bottle holder.

Aaron: By using this holder to hang a plastic bottle on your bag or belt, you can conveniently hydrate yourself whenever you like.
Sam: I see.

Aaron: I also bought this, since it looked very interesting.

Aaron: Inside the package, it looks like this.
Sam: It looks like an ear.

Aaron: Pulling here, the shape changes like this.
Sam: Oh, is it a…

Aaron: Yes. It is a foldable silicon cup.

Aaron: The next one is this. Can you guess what it is?
Sam: Hmm, it looks like a plastic bottle tap.

Aaron: This tool is useful for sugar, salt or other pouched food. You cut an edge of the pouch diagonally to make an opening.

Aaron: Then, you attach the three parts in the correct order. At first, you insert the bottom part inside the opening.

Aaron: You put the middle part on the bottom part. Then, you secure it so that it tightly closes the opening.

Aaron: You put the cap on, and it is done.

Aaron: This tool quickly turns an opened pouch into a convenient storage container!
Sam: Yeah, it really does.

Aaron: When you want sugar, you remove the cap, and you can pour as much as you like.
Sam: Oh! That's great.

Aaron: The next ones. These are for cooking.
Sam: What are they? A kind of cup?

Aaron: Yes, these cups are made of special aluminum sheets and are highly resistant to heat. These cups are very useful and make cooking easy. You put bacon and eggs in these cups…

Aaron: You put them in a microwave. It only takes one or two minutes.

Aaron: You see? Without any trouble, bacon and eggs are ready!
Sam: Looks yummy!

Aaron and Sam: Let's eat! Itadaki-masu!


Sam: Yes, it's good!
<GOODS 10>

Aaron: Speaking of cooking, I also bought these.
Sam: What are they? A kind of lid or cover?

Aaron: Yes. The silicon lid is elastic and fits well with many containers. You can cover a container with this lid, using it instead of plastic wrap. Perfect for preserving left-over food.
Sam: Oh!

Aaron: The other lid is made of plastic and is hard. This one can be put in a microwave. When placed on a pot noodle, this lid prevents water vapor and heat from escaping from the pot. Unlike plastic wrap, this lid is reusable. This is another advantage.

Sam: The noodles look yummy too. Let's eat the noodles too! Itadaki-masu!

There are many 100 yen shops throughout Japan, and they offer many more goods that are useful and convenient. Exploring 100 yen shops is like enjoying treasure hunting. Enjoy visiting 100 yen shops!

<K's House Hakone>

The photographs were taken at K's House Hakone, which is approximately a 15 minute walk from Hakone-Yumoto Station on the Odakyu Line. K's House Hakone is the only hostel in Japan equipped with an outdoor onsen bath.


The lobby is bright and expansive.


There is a PC with a wooden keyboard in the lobby.

The single bed in the Superior Dormitory Room is very clean.

Each bed is equipped with a power outlet and USB charger.

No smoking in bed. Eating and drinking are not allowed either.

K's House Hakone is the only hostel in Japan equipped with an outdoor onsen bath!