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Manners when Sightseeing at Cultural Facilities.

Ben “Hi Linda. How’ve you been?”
Linda “Ben. You look great.”

Ben “How’s life in Japan? Are you used to living in Japan now?”
Linda “Yeah, I’m really into Japan now.
    Today, I will show you around the places that I like.
    They are refinement of Japanese historical buildings.”
Ben “Wow! That sounds interesting!”
Linda seems to want to show Ben historical cultural facilities. Let’s learn the manners when visiting Japanese cultural facilities with Ben.

Manner at the cultural facilities entrance.

Ben “We are here. Let’s go in.”
Linda “Wait! Not with your shoes on!”

Linda “Japanese cultural facilities are just like at Japanese houses.
    You are not allowed to enter the building with your shoes on.
    Don’t forget to take off your shoes.”

Linda “At public cultural facilities where there are many tourists,
    there are plastic bags at the entrance.”

Linda “When there are plastic bags at the entrance, put your shoes in a plastic bag.”

Linda “When you put your shoes in the plastic bag, you need to carry it with you.”

Manners when going around inside of cultural facilities.


I. Quietly


Ben “♪ ~ ♪ (Whistling) ”
Linda “What are you doing?”

Linda “Be quiet.”
Ben “What?”

Linda “Inside these buildings, you should not make sounds. That’s the proper manner.
    Try to be quiet because other people are enjoying sightseeing too and
    we need to be considerate to them.”
Ben “Sorry.”

Ⅱ. You must not touch everything you see.

Ben “Wow. What an interesting lamp shade…”

Linda “Don’t! Do you touch everything you see? There are things you are not allowed to touch.”

Linda “These places where it says ‘Don’t Touch!’ Especially,
    beyond this fence where there is a display, basically you are not allowed to enter.
    So please be careful.”

Ⅲ. You must not enter every place.

Ben “I wonder what’s beyond that place…”

Linda “Oh no. Wait! Look! It’s written here! ‘Do Not Enter!’ ”

Linda “It’s written here. ‘Do Not Enter!’ Inside cultural facilities where there are fences,
    basically you must not enter beyond those places. So, please be careful.”

Ⅳ.You must not try to take pictures of everything you see.

Ben “Wow! There are beautiful photos on display here.”

Linda “Don’t! Look over there.”

Linda “It’s written. ‘Do Not Take Pictures Here.’ ”

Linda “This sign means, ‘Do Not Take Pictures!’ Do you understand?”

Manners When Leaving the Public Cultural Facilities.

Linda “When leaving public cultural facilities, don’t throw away plastic bags that you put your shoes in. Don’t forget to put used plastic bag in the place where it is specified to do so. In some places, these plastic bags are recycled and used again. So, don’t throw them away.”

Ben “Thanks for showing me around and explaining the proper manners when visiting the public cultural facilities in Japan. I’d like to treat you for a snack or beverage for showing me around.”
Linda “Thanks. Ok, near here there is a Japanese sweets shop. Let’s go there!”

Ben “…..”
Linda “What?”

Ben “…You really eat a lot. Don’t you?”
Linda “Yeah? Also, can I order ‘Odango’, ‘Kakigouri’, and ‘Oshiruko’ ?”
Ben “Seriously?”