Useful Things to Know about Sightseeing in Kyoto

Travel Memories


Anne: Ah, I had such a good time! It feels a little sad now that
    I have to head back to Kyoto Station.
Bobby:You know, there is something that concerns me a little.

Bobby:At a recent appearance, Kyotaro was wearing the exact
    same polished stone bracelet as yours.
Anne: What? This one? The same one?

Anne: This is a keepsake from my grandmother. From a long time ago.
    When my grandmother visited Japan, I heard that she bought it
    at a small stall somewhere. I wonder why on earth she bought it.

Bobby:Alternatively, the place to go is where we are going.
    He made his appearance and offered his advice,
    which would seem strange.
Anne: I don't get it. I wonder who he was.
Bobby:Yes, but he was terribly helpful
Anne: For sure, we have fallen in love with Kyoto.

The people of Kyoto are very kind and warm.
Even if you can't speak or understand Japanese,
try to speak up and reach out.
Interacting with the locals with surely contribute to creating wonderful
memories of your trip to Kyoto.