Useful Things to Know about Sightseeing in Kyoto

City Bus Sightseeing


Bobby:It is really convenient to have tours dedicated to foreign tourists.
Anne: Yes, it is. But I want to be more adventurous and try to see sights
    at my own pace without any schedule restrictions, etc.

Kyōtarō: In that case, using a Kyoto City Bus One-Day Pass is a real bargain.
     You can pay a flat rate for the whole day while boarding and
     disembarking from the bus as much as you like if the card is used
     within the allocated zone of the city.
     Just keep in mind that the one-day pass card can only be used on
     the the Kyoto Bus and City Bus. You won't be able to use the card on
     privately operated buses like the Keihan Bus or the JR Bus.

Kyōtarō: You can buy these one-day pass cards at any city bus information
     office or ticket office. Buying one at the ticket office in front of
     Kyoto Station might be the easiest place to find.

Kyōtarō: When taking the bus, you board from the back door and
     exit from the front door. When the bus stop of your destination
     is announced, simply press the button near the seat
     before the bus reaches the bus stop.

Kyōtarō: On the first day that you use the one-day pass card,
     enter your card into the card reader located in front near the top of
     the fare payment box, which is positioned by the side of the bus
     driver when getting off the bus.
     After using the card to disembark the first time, the current date
     will be printed on the back of the card when you take it out of the
     payment box. Then, when you want to get off a bus the second
     second time, the third time, etc., just show the date on the back of
     the card when getting off the bus. Also, if you take a Kyoto Bus,
     you will be issued a ticket when you board the bus.
     When disembarking, feed the ticket into the fare payment box
     next to the driver while showing the driver the date on the back of
     your one-day pass card.
     If you use a ticket city bus, simply take a ticket and put your one-day
     pass into the machine when boarding. When disembarking,
     put your ticket into the opening on top of the fare payment box,
     and insert your ticket into the card reader of the box.

Kyōtarō: If you have any troubles using public transportation,
     you can call 0745-661-3755 to contact the Kyoto Itsudemo
     Call Center and get help in English for non-emergency information.