Useful Things to Know about Sightseeing in Kyoto

Kimono Service


Anne:Of course, sightseeing is fun and enjoyable. However,
    since I've come all the way to Kyoto, I would like to experience
    something Japanese on a deeper level.
Bobby:I think so, too. Isn't there something we could do to enjoy
    something that's really Japanese?

Kyōtarō: I got it! A Japanese kimono!

Kyōtarō: Compared to other tourist destinations in Japan,
     Kyoto has a large number of kimono rental shops.
     In particular, the neighborhood surrounding the Kiyomizu
     Temple has a variety of rental services that you can use.
     Kyoto is also a city that is well suited for kimonos.
     The kimono is the perfect attire for experiencing the heart of
     traditional Japan. One can enjoy the unique experience of
     slipping back in time to the Edo Period be wearing a gorgeous
     kimono while strolling through the beautiful streets of Kyoto.
     I highly recommend that you visit one of the shops that
     offer their services with foreign language support!

Kyōtarō: If you can speak a little bit of Japanese, I recommend that
      you try visiting an even wider variety of shops that offer
      a wide range of services related to wearing a kimono.