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  • Using lockers in Kyoto Station

Useful Things to Know about Sightseeing in Kyoto

Using Lockers in Kyoto Station


Anne:All the lockers are in use. What should I do?
Bobby:Do we have to lug our stuff with us everywhere?

Kyōtarō: Lockers located near the tourist office are easily accessible,
     but that's also where it's hardest to find an available locker.
     It is especially hard to find a vacant locker on Saturdays and Sunday.
     At such times, I recommend that you try to find a vacant locker
     in the underground shopping area of the station called Porta!

Kyōtarō: Even inside Porta, especially near the municipal subway ticket gates
     there are lockers. There are also some lockers near the underground
     entrances/exits, which are relatively off the beaten path.
     If you happen to be enjoying sightseeing while using the JR Line,
     there are some lockers near the ticket gates where there are likely
     to be more lockers available for your usage.
     Finally, if searching for a locker is just too much trouble to deal with,
     you can take advantage of a baggage delivery service that will take
     your luggage to and from the station and your hotel, inn, guesthouse,
     etc. for a small fee.