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  • The Fast and the Furious : Tokyo Drift

 The Fast and the Furious : Tokyo Drift (2006)


Justin Lin ... Director
Chris Morgan ... Screenplay
< Cast >
Lucas Black ... Sean Boswell
Bow Wow ... Twinkie
Brian Tee ... D.K.
Sung Kang ... Han
Nathalie Kelley ... Neela

Sean, an Arizona high school student, was a car enthusiast and loved illegal street racing.
However, one day during a race, Sean was in a huge accident and was arrested by the police. Up until this point, Sean had already been dealing with the police due to many criminal activities, in addition to his mother being fed up with his behavior. At this point, Sean was sent by his mom to stay with his father who was living in Japan at the time.
Sean, wore an older style of Japanese-style school uniform with a a stand-up collar and baggy pants that seemed strange to him, went to a high school where he couldn't understand the Japanese language, nor could he make friends with any of the other students. However, there was another student from the States called Twinkie who was also studying abroad in Japan. Twinkie introduced Sean to a new world of so-called drift racing where Sean became enthralled.
Although there is no actual “drifting heaven” in Tokyo as portrayed in the movie, the movie does show quite an impressive and exciting high-speed car chase on the streets of downtown Tokyo, which happens to include the famous diagonal crosswalk in front of Shibuya Station.
The movie also shows certain parts of Japanese culture, which we can enjoy throughout the movie such as pachinko pinball machines, mahjong games, a public bath, etc.
During the first half of the movie, Sean was cautioned by one of the teachers for wearing shoes indoors. At a Japanese school, there are some shoe cupboards at the school's entrance where students take off their street shoes and change into so-called “indoor shoes” or slippers.
If you have the chance to study abroad at in Japan, watching this movie might provide some basic concepts that would prove to be helpful in terms of daily life at a public school.

The famous diagonal crosswalk in front of Shibuya Station.

A bronze statue of the "Faithful Dog Hachiko" at Shibuya Station.

Downtown Tokyo is actually heavily congested unlike the streets of the intense race battle in the movie.

Students in Japan change into so-called "indoor shoes" called "uwabaki" when entering school facilities.