Big Hero 6 (2014)

Don Hall ... Director
Chris Williams ... Director
Jordan Roberts ... Screenplay
Robert L. Baird … Screenplay
Scott Adsit ... Baymax (voice)
Ryan Potter ... Hiro (voice)
Daniel Henney ... Tadashi (voice)
T. J. Miller ... Fred (voice)
Jamie Chung ... Go Go (voice)

A 14 year old boy, Hiro, who is very mechanically-minded and clever, lives in San Fransokyo, a city resembling both Japanese cities and San Francisco. Hiro does not have any parents, and lived with his pure-hearted and caring brother, Tadashi. Hiro deeply loved and trusted Tadashi. Tadashi, however, was killed by a mysterious fire. Hiro was overwhelmed with sadness.

A personal healthcare robot, Baymax, which Tadashi developed, working hard, for protecting people's minds and bodies, comforted Hiro. In front of Hiro and Baymax, a mysterious masked man appears. The masked man looms large before them. Hiro, working together with Baymax and Tadashi's friends, start fighting the masked man to stop his evil plan.

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